Entering College

Why am I talking about entering?

Well, you know what? it is a phase of HARD time. Really I mean, really hard time. Especially for a super lazy people like me.

First, I don’t like waking up in the morning (well I’m used to waking up late because I used to have holiday everyday XD you know what I mean if you’re a graduate). Waking up, showering with cold water, oh please, there’s nothing worse than a cold shower (well there is something worse, I’m just being kinda hyper). Brrrrrrr, cold shower makes me shake pretty bad. πŸ˜₯ and after that I have to wait until my hair become dry, so freakin boring. I should have brought my hair dryer.

Second, I’m too lazy to eat. @.@ I know I’m weird. But yeah, usually I get home at like 3 or 4 pm (or worse), and there’s only one break time, about 1 and a half hour or so at 11.30 (or so). So I think there’s no enough time to eat because I get to pray also, so usually I’m too lazy to find something to eat. I tend to do what Melissa did, eating without effort, almost impossible heh? XD so usually I find something to eat after going home, or on the way. So usually I don’t eat anything for the entire day until 5 pm. I know, but that’s what I do almost everyday now. I can’t even think how I can still walk myself home πŸ™‚ lol. It’s so unfair if I don’t lose weight this way. God, consider this as a prayer and listen to it lol XD

Third, assignments. Oh god I hate these, truly. And it’s assignmentS, a LOT of them. Ewwww I’m getting tired already eventhough I haven’t done any. Ahahaha XD I’m a true procrastinator.

Fourth, I have to walk everywhere. I got sunburned! It didn’t make my skin tan or what, I’m just getting really ugly lol. Seriously.

Fifth, OBM (orientasi belajar mahasiswa), at times could be so boring -.- I wanted to fall asleep but they threatened (lol not really, it’s just me who feel threatened XD). And I can nt avoid it. Some say it’s something that freshmen MUST do. 😦 but some say it’s just threat. But I joined every session though >.<

Okay those 5 things are enough I guess. Because I’m lazy, I wanna go to sleep.


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