Entering College Part II

Well oh well, finished with PSAF, now continue to MABIM… Well some of you may have no idea what those things are. Well those things are part of OSPEK. Well there went another strange word lol.

OSPEK is a phase when freshmen are being introduced to certain education life (college life, high school life, etc), usually before the school starts, or along the school time. It can be days or months (I don’t know if there is a one year OSPEK). Well I’m just making this up (the definition). I don’t even know what OSPEK stands for rofl… But my definition may become a reference 🙂

Anyways sorry for biting about the bush. The point is that NOW I’m on that phase, yeah, OSPEK. 2 days of PSAF bored me enough. I don’t know how tomorrow and the tomorrow of tomorrow and the tomorrow of tomorrow of tomorrow and so on are gonna be. Hopefully… not boring. But sometimes God fails my hopes T.T

But honestly PSAF were kinda cool. Let me repeat, KINDA cool. I had so many crazy, no, krazzzy (well this way of writing the word looks crazier lol) friends I had mad fun with. The krazzzy ones are from my group, named Avast (well we’re in the faculty of computer science, no wonder that the name of the groups are all the names of anti viruses). So all of the students were devided into 7 groups and I got the 5th. Seriously I swear my group mates are hella crazy and funny and I LOVE THAT! Hahaha XD they’re all just too cool to be true… But our coolness do have some impacts sadly. Too much having fun led to procrastinating tasks (during OSPEK, you’ll be given assignments and get scolded A LOT). But because we’re just so cool, everything was done just on time, hahaha XD

So that is it about PSAF. Next is MABIM. First task is to collect all autographs of janitors and security guards. well hopefully it’s gonna be piece of cake for cool people like us in Avast, lol XD

Look out for entering college part III!!! It may be up,may be not!!! Rofl… Just look out. Sorry for this boring post and for no pictures. Same old story, I’m on my cell phone. XD


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