Bo Jabbers

I was born in hospital zum heiligengeist, Frankfurt, Germany, February 3rd 1994.

I’m the youngest in my family.

I’m a sister of my two female siblings.

It seems like I’m 100% Indonesian but I’m not really sure.

I’m 15 and in my first year of Uni.

I’m wearing eyeglasses and too scared to wear contact lenses.

I used to be too lazy to brush my teeth.

I love playing pranks on people.

I’m afraid of thunders.

I’m the only female whose skin is tan in my family.

I bite my fingernails badly.

I’m a big procrastinator.

I’m easily satisfied.

I’m easily impressed.

I’m easily disgusted.

I break things often.

I’m so calm in front of strangers but so crazy in front of close friends.

I’m chubby because I love food.

I’m into Italian food.

But I’m also into Indonesian food, they’re irresistible.

Well, thinking about it I’m into any food.

I’m afraid of failure.

I have no talents so far.

I adore people with talents.

I listen to wide range of music.

I love watching movies.


I love The Lion King because it’s one of my very first childhood memories I can recall now.

I love Pride and Prejudice because it’s just so simple yet so romantic.

I’m a bad poker player that I got busted thrice yesterday in Governor of Poker.

I love playing games.

I’m a really lazy person.

I have a bad sense of fashion.

I have bad senses.

Sometimes I can’t tell when a food is not good.

I cry when I am sick.

Hi my name is Shoraya and it’s nice to meet you.


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