Entering College — Final Part

(originally written on December 8th)
Why is this a final part?
Yes, I am not entering college anymore, I’m officially a part of the family.

This past months I had to wear a nametag or a nametag plus slayer to campus. Now that PMB is over, I don’t have to wear it (or them) anymore. But honestly, I kinda missed that. I know, it has been only days since PMB was over but I don’t knooow, I even brought my nametag with me this morning. Well seriously I’m gonna miss those days, when the whole Jagung (not the whole actually) could gather in one place, discussing about a thing or two for the sake of our very own jagung, or being on the 6th floor, getting through you-know-what together. Now PMB is over already and probably people will be busy with their own personal thing, homeworks, tests, anything. Ah, I’m gonna miss those times πŸ™‚

And anyway I’m just going to say thank you to everyone involved in any activity of PMB. And just so you know, I’ve allocated the memory in my memory for you all πŸ™‚

Yours truly,

P.S / This writing is written from my very own point of view but I’m sure somewhere in jagung’s heart there are some similar thoughts kept. And I’m using that nickname some jagung gave me, only once in a lifetime, just to appreciate your effort in giving me a nickname, although I hate it honestly πŸ˜›


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