MK 2009

(originally written on December 6th)
PMB is over already and as a really great closing event, we had MK. It was on December 5th until 6th. Well, I can surely say that I had a really great time because I know I did. 🙂 Actually, I can’t recall all the events clearly right now because I’m super duper tired and sleepy, but of course I have some in my mind and I want to share it here before I fall asleep, wishing you will be able to imagine how it was like if you were there :p

So we went to Cibubur on December 5th by truck. It was fun, we sang a lot of song on our way there. We sang almost EVERY song we got from padus rehearsals with pak Dibyo. Then we arrived at the camping spot and got everything ready for anything 🙂 Ok, fast forward to groups’ performances! Every single performance was so hilarious and entertaining because the names of the groups were just as hilarious! The performances were just something unexplainable by words, they were something you should have seen for yourself, so do regret if you didn’t come! Seeing everybody being embarassed (or embarassing themselves) was really priceless :p My group, named “kutunggu jandamu” (I know, what a lame name -.-), performed a short play about a… widow -.- a parody entitled “ketika janda bertasbih”. Well my role was as the young version of the widow, thankfully it was not so embarassing 🙂

Fast forward to… what else? (blogging while listening to music is so not good, it makes me forget what I wanted to write and lets me sing instead) Well the next activity might be going to some stops, each stops represented APKBR (The orientation purpose, stands for Aktif, Peduli, Kritis, Beriman, Ramah) plus commitment. It was raining, not really hard, but with some thunders 😦 Jeez I was pretty scared. Because it was raining I had to wear a coat lended by Ester, turned out it made me looked like a. A policeman b. “tukang ojek” c. A plumber. Every choice was bad -_-

Ah, I forget what I wanted to write, let’s just skip to the memorable part at nighttime. But I don’t feel like spilling this one, because my words will not be able to picture the scene since it was pretty complicated and it was something you should feel, not read (again, do regret for you all who didn’t come! Hahahahaha). The point is just it was the time when I cried, pretty hard hahahaahaha. Don’t worry I cried at the happy part instead of the sad one 🙂 Ah, the nature of 15 years old girl. The next morning, we were gathered, again, but again I do not feel like spilling this one either. Let me just keep it to myself (actually I wrote the a whole paragraph about these two things but I deleted it because I don’t feel like publishing those parts).

The next important thing was PERFORMANCES! Jagung decided to perform a play, a parody of our whole journey of entering college 🙂 pretty good, made me laugh pretty hard. Ultra, Kangkung, and Super performed well also, all I did was laughing and laughing nonstop xD Happy times it was, I was under no pressure at all, no thoughts about homeworks and everything :).

MK 2009 was awesome, totally unforgettable 🙂


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