The Last MPKT Class

Today I had my last MPKT class. For like around four months, honestly MPKT bored me enough, I never really liked this class with all the homeworks and everything but seriously I swear I have the greatest MPKT lecturer ever!

Well her name is Dr. Siti Farida, yes she’s a doctor, originally a lecturer of FK. ow could I tell that she’s great?

a. she always ensures us students that we are not wrong and never wrong but we’re just not perfect yet

b. she never got mad

c. her voice is always soft and loving

d. she’s full of surprises (the foods she brought after Lebaran, can’t ask for more)

e. she’s not stingy in giving marks

f. she’s democratic (YAY)

g. she’s laid back

Today we had the last MPKT class, she brought her camera and we asked the janitor to take a picture of the whole class 🙂 and after that she went downstairs to get to her car to get some donuts for us xD KIND! FAR TOO KIND!

Aaaah see ya later Mrs Farida!!! We’ll be missing you for sure!


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