I just had my PPSI (Principles of Information System) final. It was the blankest moment of my life. Well, I did study but only the night before. Absorbing five chapters of course was astronomical. So I was totally blanked out today.

But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? I had much time during the final because I didn’t know what to write on my answer sheet, so my mind went everywhere. I came to a thought that it was all my fault, not being able to answer the problems. Well, it was. And I blame no one but myself. I hate myself for being lazy all the time. So I had a really illuminating moment too when I was blanked. I swore to myself I will try hard to get rid of my bad habit, being lazy. I hope I will succeed.

Actually I could have cheated there, but I just didn’t feel like it. I want it to be a fair game for everyone, who studied will succeed and who didn’t, like me, will fail. I thank God for giving me such moment that woke me up from my lazy little world. Now it’s all up to God and the lecturer, what meant to be will be. If I fail, I’m so ready to take the class again. If I succeed, well I don’t put much expectation on this, but if I succeed, I will be thankful of course.

Thank God for giving me such moment, it’s an honor having you enlightening my life each time,


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