This Semester and The Passion to Study
This reflects my current education life perfectly… 

Wow what I wrote stings me a little.
Yeah, this semester I’m in the laziest point of my education life. Well uh, probably not. I used to be lazier when I was in elementary school but I think it didn’t count since everyone could understand things effortlessly in elementary school. Now in college? Urgh, in my dreams I could, but I never even have a good dream, nightmares everyday, so there’s no possibility I can understand things while doodling in classes and watching tv serials all night.Well this semester is about to end, and most likely it’s not going to end well, but yeah I think I’ll put some efforts to this little time I got. So, I googled how to be diligent how to concentrate bla bla bla and here are what I found.

Remove Distraction (uncheck)
Ok I think this is the main thing to be done but come on, everyone knows doing this is the hardest thing to do. Think, how can we even remove distraction when we’re distracted? That’s the point, I’m distracted all the time. Main distraction, well uh I think it’s my blackberry. Probably some of you will tell me to get rid of it but I just can’t because I need it, frankly saying I can’t live without it! Well it helps me a lot in communicating but in the other side it distracts me a lot. I really don’t know what to do towards this problem.

Get everything you need for your revision (check)
Well I think I always do this while studying, besides my room is small. No need to stand and walk to grab things, all I need to do is just, reach out.

Prioritize (uncheck)
To be honest, it’s not a really hard thing to do, but when I have another option that offers me more fun, how can I deny that?

Use time efficiently, make schedule (check)
Believe it or not, I do make it. But why is it still useless anyway? See the next point.

Devote yourself (uncheck)
You get it, don’t you? What’s the point of making a schedule when I don’t stick to it. I’m just pretty good at planning, but I do suck big time in making things real.

Actually there are some more but I think only these caught my eyes earlier (Actually it’s not it. I’m just too lay to read on, I’m very distracted atm but I wanna finish this post asap). Well I think I’m not so bad, 2 checked out of

What about you?


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