Doodles and The Second Semester

I just found some doodles from last semester. Last semester I was totally distracted so I doodled a lot in classes :p These doodles, I forget in what class I made them, were all made in one class.

Well I was so bored so I started drawing a girl with a really random pose. From her pose, I bet she’s dancing. I don’t even know xD Then Joy saw this and said it’s her -_____-” I personally think it does not look like her at all, not even the hair.

So, after seeing me drawing, Joy would like to participate so she drew this one. I’m free from all the sins for drawing this, it’s all Joy. She said it’s Encok lol. Seriously the one in the drawing is just too muscular to be Encok. And what’s with the big eyes? So not Encok -.- and wthell there’s no shirt on lol

Then I started drawing Paul. My friends and I sometimes call Paul “toothpick” because she’s so damn thin, as thin as a toothpick. So I drew a person as skinny as it could be, with a really weird pose, again XD And turned out it looks more like an alien instead xD But everyone thought it represents Ulpah aka Paul perfectly.

Then Joy saw a drawing of a pig I drew before I drew ‘her’. Then you know what, she said the pig is me! I’m the only one left with no picture of me so yeah she pointed it as me, and everyone but me agreed -.-. Seriously, a pig? Couldn’t they just be a little bit kinder to me? My friends are meanies -.-

Then I drew a bonus lol It’s a giant, male I guess, but he’s wearing a skirt and boots with heels. He’s about to crash a car he’s holding. This was so random lol. Ah old times XD Anyways do you see the arabic writing there? It’s read as “buusan”. I wanted it to be “bosan” but idk how to xD “Bosan” is bored in Indonesian so yeah I was damn bored lol

The last doodle concluded my second semester. Damn boring. So I got distracted. And that caused my really really bad marks. But let bypass be bypass, goodbye second semester!


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