Recent Updates – About Blogging

Oh boy, I totally have neglected this blog. No wonder though. Blogging to me used to be the boredom antidote and now I have many alternative antidotes which I can say are definitely much more fun than blogging. But yeah mostly those alternatives are not as productive as blogging (hahah of course!) so that is why I think I have to revive my blog, just to channel the productive part of me, otherwise I will have my brain disfunctional by the end of the holiday.

Writing for me now is not as easy as how it was. Like this post, to write this piece of crap I have to have people reminding me how neglected my blog is and I have to be up at 3:47 in the middle of the night (not that it’s hard to be up at this time, trust me, I’m up at this time EVERYDAY during holidays) having insomnia plus not having GTA as an option to spend my night with and I have to run out of ideas to daydream. The last one is the hardest condition to meet since I daydream a lot usually and actually it’s kind of effective to bring you back to sleep. Plus there are still very distracting distractions. Just now I decided to shuffle my iTunes and a Backstreet Boys’ song played and I could not help but to sing along. Thank God the next song was a The Killer’s song which I did not know so I could not sing along to it. And there are other distractions like instant cup noodles and my phone. Look it’s 4:23 already and I only have written two pointless paragraph. And now it’s already 5 and I only came up with another pointless sentence.

Seriously this is saddening, how this post almost end up like the previous ones, undone and unposted. But thank God it doesn’t. From now on I will try to write more.

I will write more.

I promise you, blog.


P.S. Actually I wrote that promising sentence just to finish this post as soon as possible (See 4 or 5 short repeated sentences and it’s done). How saddening.


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