DSA: The First Assignment

(Originally written on September 27 2010, 11:56 pm.

Well about a week ago, I received a Data Structure and Algorithm assignment to make a program to handle the line in a hospital (you know, almost-dead kids come first bla bla bla instead of first come first served) and I started working on it one or two days ago, I don’t really remember. Today, a day before the deadline, I finished it and before that, it was a rough patch.

The day started out normal, woke up at Joy’s because I stayed there to work on the assignment (although I ended up watching more episodes of 30 rock. But hey I did find one major bug there) and I can say I had a goooood sleep, probably because I was so tired the day before. So at like 1 or 2 pm I thought I finished the assignment because I tested it and it went well. With all of my happiness I uploaded it, done uploading, then grading. I think I really finished it (and btw Queen’s We Are The Champions was playing on my iTunes. How dramatic!) but guess what, 5 FAILURES OUT OF 7 TEST CASES. I was like WHAAAAT because it went just well for me! Aren’s a total douchebag (Aren is the name of the server where I uploaded it)! I started panicking and then Joy and I decided to consult Encok and friends at their place.

When me and Joy was walking to the main street from Joy’s house, suddenly it poured. We started panicking because damn it was one heavy rain. We stopped and I opened up Joy’s umbrella when suddenly I heard a bark. Well, barks. Two dogs came out from under a parked car right beside me, barking at me and Joy wildly. Of course we started freaking out, we were shouting like crazy but no one’s around! I shooed them with the umbrella, thank God it worked, but as a result Joy and I were all wet.

Ok so long story short Joy and I were almost at Encok’s. We were walking and it was sort of flooding, the water level was like around 2 inches above the ground so my shoes and my legs were totally wet. Ew. And Joy’s flip flops malfunctioned HAHA we both must have looked so weird in the rain yelling and freaking out like crazy. The cool thing was Joy was able to fix her right flip flop, so she didn’t have to drag it all the way to Encok’s. But still, it really was embarrassing, how we were like a couple of freaks in the rain -.-

When we got at Encok’s, I was like WOW, turned out there were so many people there. Everyone was busy with themselves and those who were not were busy helping others so I had to figured it all myself anyway T____T Well with some homemade test cases (whatever -.-) I found some bugs and yay 2 FAILURES OUT OF 7 TEST CASES! Not so bad right 😀 But after that point I think I lost my luck. I tested everything but the output was always right. And my phone broke down, FML! I ended up watching more episodes of 30 rock because I couldn’t find any more bugs. I was desperate and so depressed. And anyways I cried, what the hell right, that’s so lame -.-

As time flew by, everyone there finished, no failures anymore for them. I was the last one standing (failing, actually). But then everyone started helping out. I actually had 4 people excluding me staring at my codes trying to figure out what’s wrong! They were all just so kind and sincere

Well, maybe I did have a bad day. But the feeling of accomplishment that I got tonight paid it off. It made me feel proud of myself, and pride, oh well, isn’t it just one of the best thing in the world?

Thinking about it, don’t ever think of being alone in Fasilkom. You will not make it if you’re not half cyborg, or better.


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