Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator

(Originally written on 12:05 AM, December 13, 2010)

Sooo yeah, it’s been a while since the last time I posted here! And I’m truuuuuly sorry but no one reads my blog anyway right -.-

Anyways I just finished reading Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator which as everyone knows is a sequel to Charlie and The Chocolate Factory. Actually I bought the book a loooooong time ago but after I bought it I just read the first two pages or so then it ended up just right there in the bookshelf (with some other unread books lol). And today I was having a really really bad mood because of my failure in finishing my Data Structure and Algorithm third assignment, and I coped with that in the afternoon by playing Lego Star Wars II on my computer but working (or playing) with the computer for a long time always gives me headache and nausea so I had to stop by the end of the afternoon so there was I, having no idea what to do and almost ended up having a mental breakdown D: Then at 10:30ish PM I decided to read the book. I took Panadol Extra (a medicine for bad bad headache, in case you have no idea) and isolated myself from the outside world by turning my cellphones off so there would be no distractions while reading. And I can say it was a wise decision. Without any phones vibrating because of texts, emails, messages, or IMs, I finished the book by the time it was 12:00 and you know what now I’m having a great mood. The book was totally great and funny. The Oompa-Loompas were adorable (as usual) but actually there was a new type of weird creatures called Knids and I can say it’s pretty scary. It’s the type of creature mommy’s would use to scare kids to bed, you know like, “ Go to bed or the Knids will get you!”. And as usual Roald Dahl played with words many times that’s why I kind of regret buying the translated one because I missed the whole fun. If you wanna read it make sure you read the one in English! Yeah buy the one in English and read it ASAP! I’m sure you’re gonna love it (if you enjoy children’s books of course).

The awesome Illustration as always by Quentin Blake

So I guess that’s it! Toodles for now!

P.S. Shoutout to class of 2010 in Fasilkom who had their MK (Momen Keakraban? Malam Keakraban? Momen Kekerabatan? I don’t know for sure -.-) last night. Welcome aboard 🙂


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