Guess Who’s Back Nerds!?

No, it ain’t Mercury (sorry to let you down). No, it ain’t Bohr. And no idiots! It ain’t Chuck Testa, he’s never even been here! Haven’t you even read my blog, ever? Yes, it’s me, the one and only Shoraya Muis. How do I know I’m the one and only? Yes I googled my own name and the results are all me, at least on the first page.

Okay so it’s been ages since the last time I updated this blog although I always promised to write more. I knooow, I can be a real bitch at keeping this kind of promise when there’s actually no other people in the other end of the promise. But I cannot say that I did not try, because I certainly did. I started 5 or 6 posts throughout the months but I finished none so, none posted. I don’t know, seems really hard to concentrate these days. For instance, in making this post, it took me 3 days to write the previous paragraph alone (which isn’t so good by the way). I wrote on and off those 3 days, and when I did, I did it while listening to british music. It’s just hard to focus on writing when you’re singing along and focusing on faking a british accent instead. So I decided from now on, no more promises. If I neglect this blog so let it be. Blogging is so 2005 anyways right *laughs at self*. Well, just kidding.

Anyhoo, it’s already freakin 2012! Isn’t that just amazing?! Well actually no, it’s not. I spent the new year’s eve in my room, faffing around (sorry for the british slang, I could not help myself, that would be the only one in this post I swear) . On the 2nd, I had a final exam which was freakishly hard so there it was, the pre-apocalypse. Well, of course no, I’m just messing around. I’ve had worse in 2009 and no apocalypse in that year. But finals aside, I think I had a pretty decent time in the start of 2012.

What about 2011? How was it? Did not really feel like much, no life milestone got completed. But I was quite contented, I focused on enjoying the little things. In November, we (Fasilkom) had an event to welcome and inaugurate the freshmen called MK which was held in Puncak (anyways congratulations KAWUNG!). On the site, there were actually swings and It’s been ages since the last time I got on a swing. I tried on one and it was one of the purest-happiest moment of my life. Now that’s what I call one of the little things. It’s nothing big you know, but it affects you so much with its simplicity. There are some other things in my list of enjoyable little things such as (not in order):

1.       Stationary shopping
2.       Hearing Adele laughs (really priceless I swear)
3.       Rewatching Empire Strikes Back (my favorite Star Wars movie, so many Han-Leia moments to give me instant butterflies in my stomach)
4.       Enjoying the smell of crepes (instant foodgasm)

I think people should really make that kind of list for themselves and stop being so stressed and uptight. Being in a good mood is quite essential in living a happy life. As for me, I function better that way. At least when a group of bitches are walking super slowly just before me, I will not have an urge to push them to the pit of Carkoon to be eaten by Sarlacc. I think the world could be a better place if people in it actually had better mood. At least, people should try to.

Well here I am, jabbering about things people do not actually care about. And so rude of me not asking about you, so here they are: How was your new year? What’s your list of enjoyable little things? Ask yourself the questions and maybe you’ll have something to write about!

I guess that was it. Peace, and see you in the next post 🙂


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