Well hello there.

I was completely gone for two months and 2 days to be exact and now I’m back with a new background. Not completely gone, actually. I did put on an effort or two to write reviews on films I watched but I have not seen so many of them lately. TV shows takes up most of my spare time and I think the quality of my brain is declining. All I watch is comedy. Thank God my favorites are still NBC sitcoms instead of some reality show on MTV (yes I’m looking at you, Jersey Shore) so at least I can say I’m still a little bit smart.

So about the background, it’s a stormtrooper! Maybe some of you already acknowledge my love of Star Wars, probably from some references I use here on my blog, in my tweets, anywhere really. Or, probably from seeing my PPW (Perancangan dan Pemrograman Web – Web Programming and Design) homework, which design theme was Star Wars (which was completely unrelated to my website content. I’m an idiot, really). So yeah I just thought, why not channel my weird love through my blog for the whole world to see. I apologize in advance if you consider this as a public display of affection (which it is, in a weird way).

So now about the stormtrooper, (sorry for FINALLY getting to the point, my mind likes to wander around) why a stormtrooper? There are so many characters in Star Wars (hell, I still can’t remember ALL the names), why choose that, the usually weak-minded underdog in the franchise? Basically, it’s just because everybody loves a Stormtrooper, so I’m reaching a wider audience (if I’m reaching any). I could’ve chosen Han, but I’ll only please the scoundrel-loving ladies. I could’ve chosen Leia with the slave costume but I’ll only reach the male audience. I could’ve chosen Tarkin and please the hipster fans. Or, I could’ve chosen Jar Jar and please nobody. Instead, I chose a stormtrooper, the one everybody loves. The definition of cool. The mainstream favorite.

Oh forget that. I was bulshitting. I chose it because it’s easy to find.

Anyways I found the background on They got some cool stuffs, so get your ass over there and look around. And I hope me using the image as a background is not a copyright infringement or anything. I’m just a broke student so if someone sues me, it’s straight to jail and no bail (hey that rhymes!).

So yeah I hope you enjoy the new background. Oh and new blog description! Nothing good, just something I got from the top of my head. And by the way thanks for reading! See you next time!



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