The Lame-ass Blog and The Lame-ass Writer

I was just digging through my blog posts. I went back as far as 2009 and man I sucked. I mean really, it was like I had no idea what the definition of ‘being cool’ is because surely I was not cool. My posts were poorly written (not that now they aren’t), and the topics were too personal, I believe no one who visited this blog ever truly get what I was writing about.
And the signature, oh God. Don’t get me started on the signature. Peace, Love, and Respect?What was I thinking? I was not some kind of a rapper with a lame-ass catchphrase, why was I acting like I was from ‘the hood’?
I really should have gotten a life coach, life mentor, or something like that. The 15-year-old me really had no idea about any shits, simply clueless. And why didn’t anyone ever tell me ‘YOUR BLOG SUCKS, GET A LIFE DORK!’? Someone should have, so I would wake up and see the world and just be awesome.
Well that’s a phase of my life I’m not really proud of. But I’m not going to delete any posts because next year I would re-read this blog and laugh at myself all over again. I should have this as a wake-up call everytime I re-read this. It’s good though, now I can see how much I have evolved through the years, being a better person overall, maturing to the maybe-awesome young adult years.
So what about you guys, any dark times? Typ1nG th15 w4Y m4yB3? Or getting a self-shot picture from like… above your heads? Or simply acting like you’re so from ‘the hood’ like I did?

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