Almost There!

There? Where?
Not that close though. I’m still in my 7th semester. As a matter of fact, I just went through my 7th semester midterms and that was pretty rough. I didn’t get through with a smug face, not at all. Well it seems like I never did in all my life so no surprise there!
Okay back to topic, I’m near! Less than a year to hold a bachelor degree! It’s not that I’m excited because I’m not. It’s just that I know the feeling of relief is somewhere in the near future. Looking back, I’ve been through some hardships pursuing my education here in Fasilkom UI. I’m not saying that I’m living the hardest life, no, but it’s quite a tough jungle. Many bad marks, sleepless nights, working weekends, and frustrations, with not so many pay-offs. But all with good company, people I can always count on, friends and best friends. I learned a lot.
Not only academically, but also personally. Some self discovery: how I learned that I love comedy greatly. Some evolution: from a trend-hater-“because I found out first”-person to a reasonable pop culture lover. Some life lessons: on life itself. Very vivid in my mind now is how I learned that there’s nobody else you can blame for your life but yourself. This is your life, take it over from destiny, lead it to where you want it to be. Make things happen, don’t be satisfied with “I would have made it if I tried” because tough love, you didn’t. Stop being such a bum and do something.
Okay enough self pep-talk.
So yeah I learned a lot, but I also know that I had fun. There’s no regrets, I wouldn’t have done anything differently. Wait… probably I would. But I’m okay with myself now. Past Shoraya was a letdown, but present Shoraya is pretty cool.
Well future Shoraya?

She’s gonna be a badass.

Okay too much confidence is making me unconfident.
Maybe not a badass. But hey she’s gonna be just fine.

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