My Review of The 2nd Law

The 2nd Law is the 6th studio album by Muse. It’s been out for quite awhile now so I’m sure you’ve heard of it if you’re a fan. Here’s what it looks like:
The Front Cover of The 2nd Law
By the way, I haven’t got my hands on the physical copy of the album. I’ve been asking and looking around at stores but they didn’t have it yet. But I will get a physical copy I will assure you!
So moving on, I have been listening to this album for quite some time now, but I did this review earlier when I was listening to it for the first time. So it’s like a first impression review kind of thing. I’m about to tell you what I think about each song or what the song would be like in (my) words. So here goes!
The intro sounds quite massive, it makes me picture this whole scene of action and coolness. Think big, think Bond. Yeah this definitely reminds me of James Bond. The Bond-ish sounds can also be heard in the chorus. A little bit at the end at there’s a very exciting part and at the very end, very ‘Bond’ again. About the lyrics, the topics revolves around politics and conspiracy I guess, typical Muse.
This is the first single so you probably have heard it lots of time. This song sounds quite electronic with synthesizer and electronic drums. The “ma ma ma ma ma madness” part is quite different, needs some time getting used to, but the riff still sounds like Muse completely. Vocally, I think it’s a new challenge for Bellamy because it’s not how he usually sings. Here it’s more soft and stable. Chris’s backing vocal is also soft and calming. With the deep lyrics, I can definitely hear the maturity of the band. This may sound strange at first but I think the music is so simple yet so rich. This song is not the kind of song you play over and over again until your ears bleed but it’s a legacy song. You’ll listen to this once in a while and never get sick of it. You’ll never skip it when you stumble upon it on shuffle. I like it.
Anyway you have to see Chris’s gear for their SNL gig, playing this song.
I’d love myself one of that!
Cool right? It’s not like it’s something new, they use cool gears all the time.
Panic Station
Now this doesn’t really sound like Muse. But surprisingly, I like it! No, LOVE IT! It’s catchy and dancey, heavily influenced by 80s rock I guess. There’s also a little bit of disco and funk too in this song, some brass instruments incorporated, resulting into a very rich-sounding and versatile song. Also, I really like the different vocal style, the shouting and repeating. I can’t say it in words, you’re just gonna have to listen!
Orchestra like. Very big. Not much to say though only 57 seconds in length.
It’s the Olympics song! Okay it’s way past Olympics, I can’t be that excited to use an exclamation mark. This song sounds like orchestra, but catchy. The intro caught my attention but once Bellamy sings, it’s not quite what I was expecting. Doesn’t mean it’s bad though. The chorus is very Muse for you who has been missing it. The riff reminds me of Knights of Cydonia. It’s genius. And it ends with a very biiiig ending! I love it.
Follow me
The beginning is very familiar. It’s tame at first, but then it picks up. The chorus is very dubstep-heavy, so for those of you who likes Dubstep, well goodie goodie. The lyrics are different, it’s like an empowerment song. Actually, kind of cheesy at some point. I mean: “I will always protect you my love”? At first I was like “ugh why so lovey dovey?”. But turns out the song is about Bingham, Bellamy’s child so well okay, he’s gonna be a good dad.
At first I thought, hey another different sounding song! But NO, it turns out to be the usual Muse I’m used to. You’ll start feeling it at the verse. I like this song but yeah it doesn’t really stand out. Well it doesn’t have to right!
Another calm song. I didn’t like some part of the lyrics at first, but then it sinks in. The piano-play is nice, I like it. At the end, there’s a shush, the lyrics are like “shush, go to sleep”. Maybe it’s not for everyone, but for me? I’ll kill to get shushed to sleep by Muse. Well, just kidding, you get the idea.
Big freeze
I love it! Love love it! Love the backing vocals! Love everything! Suits my taste really. Nothing really different, I think that’s what gets me, not very experimental. Maybe playing it safe? I don’t care, I love it!
Save me
It’s not my favorite at first but then I thought… okay. It needs some time getting used to. Doesn’t sound like the usual Muse but hey it’s Wolstenholme’s song! He gets the spotlight! He leads the vocals and wrote the song. His voice is quite powerful but also calming.Overtime, this song grows on me, so I think it’s good.
Liquid state
Oh rock! The god of rock blesses this song. The intro is very very rock. Bless Wolstenholme for leading the vocals. He wrote the song too. It may not be Muse’s kind of rock, but it’s good. Purer, instead of alternative. This is one of the biggest contributor to the diversity of this album.
The 2nd Law: Unsustainable
Well I have mixed feelings about this. At first I thought it sounds kinda scary, no, mysterious. Also it’s very dubsteppy, which I’m not a big fan of. I thought it didn’t sound like Muse at all but hey, it’s the new Muse right? Then there’s also this woman voice quoting the 2nd Law of thermodynamics. Nerdy much Bellamy? Well just kidding, they’ve always been a bit nerdy I guess. Not my kind of song, but I’m not saying it’s bad. But yeah I will not listen to this over and over again.
The 2nd Law: Isolated System
Mystery like good. It’s not different, not electronic. It ends up as kind of boring. 5 minutes of instruments and some voices saying “Isolated system” over and over again. I won’t play it so frequently.
So it’s alternative rock, pop, disco, dub step, orchestra, and a little bit of ska in one giant pot. The vocal is also more diverse in technique. The lyrics are not likeable in some parts for some audience. But overall I like this album. It’s experimental, but good. It’s good to tweak here and there sometimes to keep it fresh. To summarize:
Usual Muse: Supremacy, Survival, Animals, Explorers, Big Freeze, The 2nd Law Isolated System
Experimental: Madness, Panic Station, Follow Me, Save Me, Liquid State, The 2nd Law Unsustainable
On the verge of being boring: Prelude, The 2nd Law Isolated System
I rate this album 4 out of 5. Probably a bit biased because I just love these guys so much. But yeah listen to it if you haven’t!

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