Some Things You’ll Always Be Wrong About: The Cramming Estimations

Us students always have a shitload of materials for a test, and we usually cram. We just know that we have so much to understand, yet we still procrastinate, which is usually justified with something called ESTIMATION.
Common estimations are:
“Oh it’s only 3 chapters, I will finish it in 1 hour tops.”
You’re wrong buddy! You gotta check how many pages there are in each chapter. Could be 10, could be 100!
“I knew this shit from class. I’ll just skim it.”
You only heard it, not listened. Maybe when you’re cramming, your dumbass brain might only need a little flash of the words from the book to call back the memory of you hearing it, making you presume that you actually understand everything. But no, you do not understand anything.
“There isn’t really anything to memorize. I’ll just skip it.”
There’s always something to memorize.
“I’ll just skim it, I’ll get it”
Wrong wrong wrong.
Skimming will only give you this in a test: the POSITIONS of the answers in the book, not the actual answer. Skimming is intended for review, not for a first lap.
Sounds like I know my lessons right? But no, I still make those estimations from time to time and cram in the very last minute. Here’s my suggestion (other than actually studying long before a test), do a focus group. It’s the best thing so far based on my experience. You and your friends each take different topics each and learn by yourself. Then, get a table in a place when you can be loud and share the shit out of the materials. And don’t dig too deep, trust me you’re gonna have shitloads of questions but don’t ask, just take it as it is because it’s not the time to be curious. Questions are the most suitable for class, not speed studying. If you happen to have some extra time after the sharing session, then do ask.
These are illegitimate tips. Not the best but shit happens sometimes, so just give it a shot if you find yourself in such situation. I’m not saying that you’ll get an A with this strategy because most probably you won’t. I’m saying that the chances of you getting by are better. Although at the end of the day, it always depends on the effectiveness of your focus group
Oh one more thing, this only works for subjects that need much memorizing. You know what kind.
Study kids, don’t cram.

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