The Part-Zombie Days

I cringed as the pungent thing made its way through my skin. A current of red fluid emerged from a small opening of a wound just made. I gasped and breathed in air in profusion because it seemed to be the only thing which could help me endure the pain at the moment.
If you thought that the previous paragraph is a bit of preview of the next Stephenie Meyer novel, you’re wrong. It was my paragraph actually. I thought I’d throw in a little taste of literature in here aside from casual public diary writing “sesh”. It was not so much of literature anyway, just an exaggeration of my experience.
And if you thought that the experience I am referring to was getting bitten by a vampire, you’re wrong again! I donated blood for the first time! Not for a blood-hungry overly made-up vampire, for the red cross! I was really excited because it was my third time trying to be a first-time donor. The first time I was simply underage (below 18), the second time I had the monthly female thing, so the third time I came prepared checking every requirements and I had a great feeling I would be eligible and I did!
By the way, first time donating and I was shot in both arms! The blood from my right arm clotted easily and the vein was too small or something so I had to try again with my left arm. The second time with the left arm went pretty well. I didn’t have to squeeze and un-squeeze my hand to give it a pump like I did with my right arm. I don’t mind having the nurses stick a needle to me twice though, it was not as painful as I thought it would be. Piece of cake really. The first paragraph was way exaggerated, it didn’t narrate what I was feeling at all. I held my breath when the needle was about to be pushed through my skin because I thought it would be really bad but then I was like, “wait that was it?”. I’m not saying I’m so badass I can withstand any pain and beatings but honestly it was nothing. It was just a feeling of local fatigue in my arms. The only thing I hate about it was it stayed like that for days. For me it’s been 3 days and I still have the zombie arms. I walk around looking like I have dead arms because they are just hanging without any energy. Plus, the skin around the wound got bruised pretty bad so I think I have to make a hot compress to make my arms look more presentable.
But to hell with it, I am happy and I would totally do it again! I am glad that I could give back somehow without any money incurred because hey I’m just a broke college student.
And for you all who are scared to donate blood, scared of losing blood, scared of needles, or simply scared of nurses, chillax! I had my fear too. I was scared the nurse would forget about me and my blood would keep flowing out of my body until I was fully drained and dead. Well it didn’t happen and I got through everything amazingly well. And about the pain, it’s nothing really. Think about how much your blood can help someone who is possibly dying. Your blood can change lives, a sting or two is definitely worth it. Don’t let your fears stop you from doing something good because as what George VI said in his infamous King’s Speech, “with God’s help, we shall prevail”.

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