What Up 2013?

So, the apocalypse is not here yet. I’m still alive as ever and so are you apparently, reading this.

So anyways, because I’m just so very self centered, I’m gonna write about my 2012 and my plans for 2013. You know, get some closure and decide what goals I’m gonna put in my list of 2013 resolutions, stuff like that. You know, stuffs I’m so eager to talk about this time and completely forget about tomorrow.
Well I make promises I never keep so I’m not gonna have 100 resolutions this year (not that I ever did). I’m gonna focus on the one and only: learning to ride a bike. I know I’ve said this a lot but I’m 70% sure that I’m really gonna do it this year. I’m just so tired of being ridiculed and I guess it won’t be so bad being able to ride a bike.
Sure I’ve had other things I wanna improve like being more focused on schoolwork, no more cutting classes, bla bla bla, I could go on forever. But you and I both know that’s not gonna happen. I’m not gonna improve much academic-wise, based on personal experience. So for academic resolutions, I think I’m flushing them down the toilet. Oh except one thing though: GRADUATING. This one I really have to accomplish. No extra year for me please in the hellhole.
A Brief Looking Back at 2012
Nothing really special really, the usual college. Assignments, finals, living hell, bla bla bla, the same old story. I was told that it’s gonna get easier as one’s getting nearer to graduation: it’s not. But at least I got used to it so it’s a plus. I finally earned the skill to estimate when exactly to start working on my assignment to get it finished just around one minute before the deadline, with at least a passing grade quality. That’s a bad habit but procrastination is in my blood, it’s about time I learn to procrastinate more efficiently.
Oh it’s a boring year for love. I mean crushes came and went but none really meant anything. One day I thought someone’s cute and the next day, it’s stalking time (not really, just social media monitoring) and I read a tweet of my crush which happened to be a complete turn off and poof, the attraction’s gone in the blink of an eye. Deep inside I know that there’s always more than meets the eye, or in a tweet, but I still can’t help but prejudice. I hate myself for this so I always tell myself to try to see people past all the information I gather through their social media pages. It’s easier said than done. You know what, sometimes I just want things to be like the British olden days when you get to dance, send letters, talk over tea, and go through a full on old times courtship. But what do I get today as a part of generation Y? Courtship through instant messages, texts, tweets, and facebook. Something like “wuu2” to find out how one’s doing because texting and instant messaging just have to be so damn efficient. What happened to romance?
So that’s it, enough complaints from me, I’m getting out of topic. The conclusion is 2012 equals “MEH” and 2013 is the year for bike riding. Slap me if I still can’t ride a bike by the time 2014 is here, you know some negative enforcement won’t hurt (it will).

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