The Unholy, Half-Yearly Vow

Since I entered university, as long as I remember almost every semester I vowed with my friends. It goes something like this:

We hereby vow that we are not going to cut classes anymore, we are going to study more, we are going to sit in front of the class and we are going to pay attention. This is a promise of women.

And the next semester, I can assure you we broke the vow like, almost immediately. The first week back to school we were still excited. New pens, pencils, and notebooks to start fresh, just like typical elementary school kids. The second week, the excitement level fell hard from as high as the highest mountain to the deepest point in the ocean. This cycle went on for four years, so basically we never improved much.

Nevertheless here we are, at the end of our undergraduate study. I can safely declare that we are graduating next month. This is it, no more half-yearly vows to break. Everything just feels so surreal because all my life, studying is the only thing I (should have) focused on, it was a natural thing for a kiddo. Now it’s like I’m officially stepping into the adult life: working, managing my own finances, being more independent, probably even fixing my own plumbing. Pretty nervewrecking if I overthink it.

Oh boy. Time passes fast huh?


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