Satay Recommendation in Jakarta

I am an avid fan of Indonesian Satay, especially the Chicken Satay. I can still remember vaguely the first time I tasted it. That precise moment, I knew I have found what I was looking for, a favorite food.  What I had probably was not the best, but it’s still really good and irresistible.

In Jakarta, there are some popular Chicken Satay places to try. There’s Apotek Jaya (Apjay) and Sate Pak Muri (just across Rumah Sakit Pusat Pertamina, many people call it Sate RSPP) for example. Those two are good, but for me the one that’s really my all time favorite is the one in front of Graha Unilever (next to Kartika Chandra) on Jalan Gatot Subroto, under the crossing bridge. It’s nothing special, just like a common street vendor. It’s a one man business, just this one man behind his little food cart. The business doesn’t even have a name as far as I can recall. Not the best place when it comes to hygiene and the portion is not big. Let’s say it’s his effort to help his customer’s portion control. The secret is in its peanut sauce, it is to die for (my personal opinion). The chicken is not the best aka not A-Grade lean meat, but personally I think what matters most in a plate of Chicken Satay is not the meat, it’s the sauce.

So if you happen to be around Gatot Subroto and you feel like your stomach can get a little risky with probably some harmless germs, try the Chicken Satay. You won’t be sorry and if you are, I will happily finish it for you.


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