The Deal with Foster The People

Some of you guys might know Foster The People from their “Pumped Up Kicks”. It was a weird song, but it was also a major hit of the year. It was simple and catchy, the formula of today’s pop songs. Not only that one song, if you listen to their whole album, almost all of their songs are those things (simple and catchy). Might not be Beethoven, but I enjoyed their songs from time to time (Houdini, Miss you).

But there’s something wrong with Foster The People, although I like them. Sometimes, Mark Foster’s voice gets weird, but that’s like his thing. Sometimes it gets too weird, to a point where it gets annoying, that I wanna punch him in the face. This can be heard in their song Best Friend.

With that annoying sound you’re making, I’m not gonna be your best friend Mark (not that he needs one).


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