Catniss, How You Doin’?

My kitty has pooped!

So much happiness over a poop…

Last Saturday I took her to the vet anyway to get her checked out. I decided to take her to Rumah Sakit Hewan Jakarta because that place seems more legit. Once I took her to a vet in Depok but the vet didn’t seem experienced, nor confident with what he was doing. I took a taxi to RSHJ to make the experience less stressful to her. When I got there I signed up and waited. When it was finally our time, the nurse took a sample of her poop to get it checked in the laboratory.

When he got back, he was with a doctor. Her name is Dr. Lina. She said my kitten was not dehydrated, so she also didn’t know clearly why she didn’t poop. She found out that Catniss was MAJORLY WORMED OUT though. Quelle surprise! When I got her, the previous owner said he already got her dewormed. Liar! The doctor also found out Catniss got a case of fungal infection L Some spots were made bald, Catniss is patchy now. Now I have to give her vitamins for a week and if she’s doing great, next week she’s going to get a de-fungalizing bath.

Can’t wait to get her fluffy again.


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