Social Life Nowadays

It’s weird that in today’s life we scroll our screens to know about each other’s lives. I’m not saying I don’t like social media,  because as a matter  of fact I do. I own and actively use most mainstream social media applications although I don’t share a lot about my life lately.

I used to feel like I need to share a piece of my life to the world, just to feel like being heard. But now, I don’t care much about that kind of attention anymore. When I am enjoying the company of other people, I prefer to enjoy the moment itself, without wanting to take a break from the real world to share it in social medias. Sharing and posting feel like extra work. Simply said, I have different priorities now. I used to prefer being noticed than actually living and enjoying my actual life, now it’s completely the other way around.

Also, rather than having people find out about my life through the screen, why can’t we just hang and talk? If we actually meet in person, there’s a lot more to bond over. I can get to really know people instead of just picturing in my mind how their lives are, which obviously comes with assumptions.

Social media is not here to replace the human touch,  it’s here to complement. The time we spent scrolling the screen could have been used to talk to those around us.  And the time we spent taking a picture, cropping,  and adding filters could have been spent to live in the moment.

I’m not judging those who love to share their life to social media. I’m just realizing how different I am now from last few years. Moral of the story is: people change!


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