Making You Aware That I am Now Watching Alex Turner Before His Hair Went All Up

The title’s long. I know. That’s another way of saying I want to catch up with you. You should be glad!

But let’s talk a little bit about Alex Turrner’s hair,as I am now watching Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys in his olden days when his hair is not full of grease. Why do I care so much about his hair? Well I don’t, it’s just so hard though not to notice.

Let’s have a brief looky-looky.

Cute, kind of…

Here’s the next one

Awful. He looks like a soccer mom.

And here is the final form, when it all went ‘up’ with grease.

Can I just say, douche?! I wanna slap him in the face.

So that’s it about Alex Turner. I’m here for catching up! So what’s up?

I am gaining weight, sadly. My appetite is going through the roof. I just want to eat absolutely everything. WHY GOD WHY?

And also, I’m 21 now, starting to get the gist of living the so-called adult life. I feel like an adult now. I go to work to do my responsibilities, I pay my taxes, I manage my finances, take out the trash, pay my rent. I do all the things adult-ish, except getting it all figured out. I thought I would have discovered myself by now, you know, understand the real me, who I really am. But no, I still don’t know what defines me. Sure I have hobbies, but it changes from time to time. My life so far consists of phases (not in a sequential order):

  1. The boyband-fangirly phase. Westlife, backstreet boys, one direction, enough said.
  2. The i-wanna-be-special-no-one-can-be-like-me phase. This is way back. I was trying so hard to be original, but what for anyway? I guess, just pure teenager emo stuff
  3. The dance phase. Not when I dance, but the phase when I like to watch people dance. I still do though.
  4. The movie phase when I constantly read reviews, critiquing every single piece and finding flaws. It was pretty bad, takes the fun out of watching.
  5. The TV phase when I try to watch all critically acclaimed TV series (mostly comedy). I download (sorry) and watch everyday. I had the time, so why not?
  6. The Rediscovery, the current one I think. I am now trying to learn how to sew, that’s something right? Sewing is hard, I mess everything up. I hope I don’t quit too soon.

I am now having some sort of identity crisis. Who am I? What’s my purpose?

Deep stuff I know. Sometimes I just can’t help but contemplate the meaning of life, but what’s the point anyway? I’m just a small dot in this universe, just a blip who’s going to disappear soon. The universe is going to be here until long after I’m gone. Oblivion is inevitable, we should just enjoy life while it lasts.

By the way, my cat’s looking at me with one of her eyes twitching. Gotta look at it. That’s it for now guys, lates!


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