Aloney Baloney

My boyfriend got a new job. As a new recruit, he has to go through some sort of induction where he will be shoved with tons of unimportant tasks. The problem is, the induction has to happen somewhere outside Jakarta for around 2 weeks. Bummer.

And here I am, on my own feeling lonely. I grew up aspiring to be a strong independent woman. And I think I kind of was. I was a happy single lady. But being in this relationship has made me somewhat dependent. Usually I spend most of my weekends hanging out with him and now I am left to my own devices, because even my sisters go out. Let’s say if I were a Sim, my social need is red. And what sucks even more is I don’t feel like initiating a social interaction with someone else. I am heading to the direction of self-destruct. I really should go out and be active.

Anyways on another note, do you know what drives me even madder? The fact that during the whole induction, the committee controls every, and by that I mean EVERY, activities of the participants. When they eat, when they sleep, when they get to have a break (which is almost never). They crammed them with group and individual task while having them attend some sort of sharing session until very late. My boyfriend is sleep deprived, and they take away his weekend. What the actual F? There must be some sort of law that bans this kind of thing right?

Anyway, that’s it I just want to vent. It’s good that I’m writing about this though. It’s good. It’s all good.

Now let’s go out and get some groceries!


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