Jajanan Abang-Abang

Still awake at night, thinking about it. I am missing the jajanan back in my school days.

There were so many kinds of street food back then near my school in Jambi. There was this one thing we called martabak, but it’s not like the usual martabak. It’s really thin, more like crepes really, folded in half. It’s crispy, and has this thin layer of sugar and chocolate sprinkle. It was baddass.

There was also the majestic egg-expert abang-abang with a “CIA” cap. He usually hang around near my elementary school. He was the ultimate boss. Originally he served this egg with cabbage and scallions shaped like tiny half of cups. Then he served another variety, egg fried and twirled during cooking. His sauce was out of this world.

The next one worth mentioning was steamed pempek. I have not seen this yet in Jakarta. So yes the pempek is steamed and served with sauce, not as thick as usual, different, but just as tasty. We eat it from dim colored plastic dish and finishing the sauce is a must.

I miss those days, God knows where the street chefs are now. Come to think about it, right at this minute, I feel so passionate about food. Specifically abang-abang food. I wish one day I could travel around the country to discover abang-abang culinary and the deep secrets. It’s like the most raw culinary art form there is. Maybe I should create a dedicated blog for this, or maybe just an instagram page. Then people from all over the country can mention me to suggest their version of awesome street food. Uh mazing isn’t it?


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