September Update


I have been gone for so long, I have so many stories to tell! I don’t know what struck me but I’m really excited to tell my stories, so bear with me or skip this post altogether. Let’s get started!

  • I had my hair cut short, again! I participated in this year’s Shave for Hope. It’s actually my second time, the first time was in 2012 I think. This year, it was held in Lippo Mall Kemang. I’ve never been there by the way, and on the d-day I went there by motorbike. I swear to God, never again! We had to walk so far from the parking lot. It’s not only about the distance though, it’s also the lacking of beauty of the pathway to the so called mall. The parking was hella cheap though, only Rp 2.000,- for like 5 hours! Ok back to the point, I’m really glad I participated again this year, makes feel good and proud about myself, which is somewhat selfish and beats the original purpose to be selfless. But I’m glad to do some good while also being selfish. Some people ask me “Why would you do that?”. The thing is I just don’t feel the need to hold on to my hair when I can give it up to do some good, it’ll grow back anyway. It’s a wonder to me why more people didn’t participate. There was not a long line to get to the haircut booth like in 2012.

This is how me and Panci-san looks like now,

  • Last month I visited Hong Kong with 2 of my female friends (girls trip!!!) There’s a LOT that I want to share but I think it deserves its own post. I liked Hong Kong, probably will return some day!
  • A few weeks ago, I was on my way home, in a metromini (640) at around 7-8pm. The seat next to me was empty and a middle aged man hopped in and sat next to me. He was skinny, and carried a huge backpack with him, which he put on his lap. He was suspicious, I kept staring at him. One time I paused and looked away for a bit and when I look at him again, I saw his hand flinching! I know he was trying to do something. I kept staring at him, non-verbally stating “Dude, I’m freakin staring at you, I’m memorizing your facial features, don’t you freaking dare do something crazy!”. Apparently non-verbal measures didn’t work. His hand reached down his pants and I think he was about to pull his pants down. EW! I think I glanced at something I didn’t want to see, I quickly got up and moved to another seat at the front. I didn’t scream because I was stunned and couldn’t think. I did not know what words to scream! Soon after, I got off the bus (while making sure he didn’t get off with me) safely. I’m grateful I was able to move away before something escalated, hopefully nobody after me had to experience what that creepy man was trying to do. Moral of the story, when it’s starting to get late, sit at the front, with someone presumably safe occupying the seat next to you.
  • Kenyip-san is doing goooood. She’s lazy like usual, I’m thinking about bringing her to a cat salon to get properly groomed. Should I or should I not? Her eye booger marks are getting permanent.

Boogie Cat!

Anyway, I think that’s all for now. It’s getting late and I must say I’m kind of tired after an evening of failing making tteokbokki. Let’s doze off for another kickass day off tomorrow!


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