Am I a Ninja?

There has been too much instances of people not being aware that I am walking or standing behind them, or doing any movement beside them. I’m really wondering what is it about me that makes people doesn’t seem to notice my presence? People would stop immediately when walking, they would shamelessly show PDA, then when they finally knew that I was there they would flinch crazily like I was some kind of a wild pokemon who appears out of nowhere in the bushes. I’m pretty sure many people have thought why the hell did I tiptoe around them like a creep. Well I didn’t. I’m just going about my day. Being unnoticed is not what I do voluntarily.

What is it about me, is it my aura? Was I a ninja in my previous life? Do I even exist at all, like maybe all my life, I’m just a ghost like Bruce Willis in the 6th sense?


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