Between a Rock and a Hard Place

To buy a PC or console. To buy PS4 or XOne.

Or not to buy anything at all.

I’m really having a hard time currently. So the situation is like this:
– I wanna freakin play some video games
– I am not a hardcore gamer, casual
– I live in an apartment with very limited space
– I do not poop dollars

Building my very own PC would definitely be the best option there is, but it’s not the most fitting to my situation. While building my own PC is in my bucket list, the current circumstances are just not helping. I don’t have that much spare time to research the whats and hows nor to go for trials and errors, assembling something from scratch and getting it to work. If I go through this path, I picture myself crying out of frustration at 4am Monday morning, still tweaking my little project and suddenly realizing I didn’t get to have fun at all that weekend plus reality will slap me in the face in 5 hours. And is the effort even worth it considering the time and money spent for something that won’t even matter that much to me as someone who plays casually?

If I go down the console path, it would definitely be a PS4. I think there’s not much to say really, every online debate proves where the majority of gamers really stand. At the end of the day, fan boys will be fan boys. I should just stick with what I’m familiar with, which is PS.

And the last option is to not buy anything at all. I’ve always said to myself, a) buy one when you can buy two and b) if you really want something, sleep on it and see if you still want it the next morning. My current case passes both a)  and b) but the next questions that pop in my head: will this give me happiness? is this financially wise and responsible? or am I being too financially paranoid that I’m not even having fun anymore?

I honestly don’t know what to do. Should I? shouldn’t I? what would you guys do?


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