March’s Long Weekend

Just had a long weekend which I definitely needed. The previous week I was in Bali for the whole weekend having a short vacay. I had fun but man, it was tiring. This long weekend was well deserved and I’m proud to say that it’s a pretty productive one!

How So?

  • Finished Orange is The New Black season 3. I got hooked a few weeks back and had been crazy about it ever since. Season 3 finale is not the kind that ends with a bang, but rather with a piece of mind. The lake scene is definitely one of my favorite throughout the whole series, I couldn’t help myself from smiling seeing the beloved characters catching a break. Season 2 is full of drama with all the Vee stuff, I’m glad in season 3 the characters can have fun (although maybe a little bit more drama wouldn’t hurt).


  • Sewed a blouse. I made a sleeveless tank from a flowery cotton fabric. It’s not my favorite among my stack of unused fabric, but I guess it’s just the best to waste. I finished the neckline and armhole with a bias tape, but apparently I’m still doing it wrong (stitching from the wrong side of the fabric instead of top-stitching). I find that the neckline kind of rolls towards the outside although I have clipped the extra fabric ends inside.Maybe I should iron the neckline for a tidier finish. Note to self!
  • I also mended an old blankie of mine. Hell, I think it’s almost as old as I am, 20 years old maybe! The fabric has become so thin, no wonder there were tears here and there. I’m really happy about my mending work though, as I just can’t let go of the blankie, at least not yet.
  • I also tried making dimsum on Saturday but failed miserably. I followed this recipe pretty accurately from rasamasa but it turned out mushy and tasteless, just EW. I was bummed because I made 24 pieces and I could only eat like 5 (which required a lot of struggling from my part). I had to dump the rest which was heartbreaking, I hate wasting food!

So that was it. I am glad I did what I did although I could have done more. I always could have done more. How about you though, any stories worth sharing?



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