Inner Beauty

It’s almost midnight in the month of Ramadhan. I just finished cooking sambal ampela for Sahoor, without ati because ati is for wimps. Come to think of it, ati is liver, but I don’t know what to call ampela in English. Let me Google that for a minute.

Aaaand I’m back. Apparently it’s called gizzard. It’s a digestive organ found in several species to aid in digestion, kind of like a second stomach containing a second pair of teeth for extra grinding. I have been eating gizzards practically since I was born (kidding), but I never knew what it actually is until now. Blame Indonesia’s education system!

Ok back to the topic we were discussing, I just made sambal ampela. I took a picture of it for bragging purposes, and it looks like this.


I’m not a good photographer, but from any angle that just won’t look good although taste wise I think it’s pretty damn awesome (might be kind of biased though). It made me think about many other amazing Indonesian dishes like sate, sate padang, rendang, Siomay, gudeg and most of them are goopy or… turd-colored. Presentation is never a dealbreaker here. We just ain’t shallow about food. We care about what’s inside rather than what it looks like from the outside.

Too bad the same thing doesn’t apply to ACTUAL PEOPLE. Lol

Peace out ✌


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