Moving To The New Office

Now playing, the “Deep Focus” playlist in Spotify. Can I just say, in Gina Linetti’s word, “Oh Dang!”. This is some on point deep focus shit!

Ok back to what I was intending to talk about initially today, my office just recently moved. It’s now located in the suburbs, 35 km away from where I live. The surroundings are quite nice, it’s properly organized but in the other hand it’s lacking character. I know, sounds vague, no? I don’t even know how to put it in words. In simple words, I don’t sympathize with it. I don’t know how one can sympathize with a town, but it’s just how I feel. I don’t relate.

Maybe it’s partly because I haven’t had any amazingly great food there. We all know love starts at the stomach (sort of). Maybe because it’s lacking cheap questionable street food. Or maybe because I don’t see people there as living souls. I see them as employees and workers getting on with their day. Wait, this is getting even more vague.

On another note, people say my office belongs to the list of cool workplaces. It’s got open space, a big grand stair (which people rarely walk on), and a somewhat futuristic look. I’m not feeling it though. Not yet, probably. I’m too bitter from the 90-120 minute commute.

By the way that’s it for today. I do wish more quality journaling will come soon.

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