A Wish Unfulfilled

3 years ago, I posted an entry wishing my father a happy birthday. I wished him a long and prosperous life.

Oftentimes, a wish does not come true.

Yesterday could have been the day he turns 67 but he did not make it. Only 2 years and 10 months after the birthday post, my father passed away on May 17th 2013. It was complicated, but mainly it was due to acute leukemia. The illness progressed so fast, he died one week after being diagnosed. I never thought he would go so soon.

I have no regrets though. I came to see him when he was sick and I took care of him for a few days. In some ways, it was nice. We knew the time was near, we had closure, a proper goodbye. He passed away peacefully, some even say he was rather smiling when he did. He did not suffer, he did not have to go through the miserable days of chemotherapy as his chances was never good because he was not in his prime days. After all, what matters most in life is not the quantity of it, but rather the quality, right?

Happy birthday Dad.


Happy Birthday Dad :)

July 11 1946, a boy was born, a boy who 48 years later has ME as his daughter! So yeah today my dad is having his 64th birthday! You’ve been a good dad, Dad. Now be a better one xD

Live long and prosper Dad.

your daughter,
Shoraya Muis