Trump is President

So it’s really not a dream. If my dad is still alive right now, God knows what he’ll say.

I think it won’t be a really big deal. Maybe he won’t be as bad as everybody thought he would be, maybe he’ll prove us wrong. That’s definitely a plus having him perform above par. On the other hand maybe he’ll wreck everything and people will start a movement to oust him. It can be good too, for the greater good, for the long haul.

What doesn’t feel good is being in this state right now, on the edge of uncertainty. Everyone’s on their toes worrying about what’s going to happen, imagining the worst.

Either way, let’s not hope for him to suck (although it’s sort of expected), because it won’t be a win for anybody. Do voice out the concerns to ensure you got heard, what he said during his campaign isn’t set in stone. There are still a lot of way to make lemonade out of these lemons.

By the way, we have one thing to thank Trump for after a few days of him being in office. He’s the reason behind the recent women’s march and hells yeah, the march gave us some good giggles from the awesome signs. So thanks Trump for the signs, and please do hear them out.

This is one of my fave.


from twitter account @mbloudoff

Hear hear.