Unhappy Kitty, Sleepy Kitty, No Purrs

My kitten has been sick. She doesn’t want to play, doesn’t want to eat, doesn’t poop at all for almost a week now. I took her to the vet and he gave her some antibiotics. She’s a little bit better now but still no play and no poop. Tomorrow I’m going to take her to the animal hospital.

Sleeping Sansa
Get well soon Cat, so you can chase the red dot again!

Please let this be over soon.


New Pets!

I got new pets! Isn’t that just so exciting? Well they are not really new I guess, I got them about a week ago, or two. So what did I got?

Say hello to Simon Pegg and James Franco! Sim and Jim for short!
The one who’s busy running is Jim and the one biting the dictionary is Sim. It was hard to tell the difference between those two until I figured out that Jim’s lining on his back is darker and Sim was fatter (Now they’re all just as fat). So far they’ve been sweet… okay maybe I’m lying a little. Sim is just wild, he loves to bite my fingers when I try to handle him. Jim is okay I think, he doesn’t bite as much as Sim does.
This is Sim
This is Jim

…not that you’re interested.

Well no wonder they love to bite, they’re Campbell’s Russian dwarf hamsters, yeah the one who discovered them was a Campbell. If you got a hamster, you really should know the type because there are some dont’s for certain types e.g two Syrians shouldn’t be put in the same cage or they will fight to death (I know, crazy right, how they kill with those teeny tiny paws) and Campbell’s should not be fed with sugary food because they can have diabetes… which can be inherited. Different types have different behaviors too, like for example dwarfs love to bite. But if you were thinking about getting a dwarf hamster but you’re afraid to get bitten, don’t be. Their bites don’t hurt, mostly.
Getting these little pals was a totally random idea. They were really cheap (like $1.30 each) and I’ve always wanted a pet or two. Well they may be cheap but they are lovely! Well we do not interact much except with the biting -_____- but even just watching them is fun so I’m so happy with the presence of this duet 🙂
Pets are always fun and cute (ok not always cute but usually) but with any pet, great or not, comes great responsibility. Maybe someone’s reading this right now (lol I wish!) and actually thinking about getting a hamster. Before really getting one think of having one. Imagine how your life is gonna be with a pet to take care of. Pets are like your very own kid, you can’t just leave them to grow by themselves, you gotta guide them with TLC. So, if you think you can’t handle it, DO NOT get any pet. You’re just gonna make the lives of those cute little monsters miserable.
Be good to your pets!
Be good to your kids!
P.S. TLC = Tender Lovin Care! And I’ll take you there~ *quits singing*