Prometheus – An honest review of a stupid person?

**WARNING MAJOR SPOILER ALERT! Do not proceed if you cannot handle me being a funsucker**
Do you know the first word that came out of my mouth right when the film just ended?
Hi I am Ridley Scott and this is Prometheus. Do you want some answers with that?”
Maybe you would thought that I said that because of a major plot twist or cliffhanger at the end of the movie but no. I simply just did not get the whole thing. It was more like “What the fuck did I just watch?”.
I am sure Ridley Scott is a brilliant filmmaker. I mean, who am I to deny the talent of a Sir? He clearly changed the game in the science fiction film industry. But this one work of him, I just think it is not for me. In some ways it is really great, the actions, the effects, the gore.. inargueable. But on the other hand, there are just too many riddles. Sometimes too many puzzles are just too hard to take for a person. I had so many questions about the films: the storyline, the background, even about what a scene actually means. Some of them are:
  1. In the opening scene, where did it take place? Why did he drink gooey shit?
  2. Just what the fuck is that scary black goo?
  3. Why did the rest of the engineers die?
  4. Seriously what is up with the mural? Talk about creepy…
  5. What did Dave actually say to the awoken engineer?
  6. How did the living engineer find out that Shaw was still alive after the crash and everything?
  7. Why is there an alien coming out of the engineers body?
  8. How would David know where to go to the place of the maker of the Engineers?
  9. How could Shaw trust David again?
  10. So who made us?
The list goes on and on. There are just so many things to speculate that I was just left wondering what was it that Sir Ridley was actually trying to tell the audience.
I am a fan of open-ended films. You got some cliffhangers? Bring it on. But this one is just so much to take in 2 hours. Hell, maybe I still won’t get it even if I watch it over and over again. The thing is though, this film got a decent tomatometer, 70ish on Rotten Tomatoes. So maybe, I’m just the one in a million who doesn’t like the film just because I am too stupid.
And just some bits of wisdom from me, sometimes some questions are better left unanswered. A question about who made us is a potential starter of a chain reaction. Once you found out about the answer, then you will start asking “,who made our maker?”, and when you found out the answer you will start asking “, so who made our maker’s maker?”, and the loop goes on and on. Trying to get an answer of a question of the past with such a huge effort and low chance of success, is it really worth it? Well as for me, I will just try to live in the moment.
Just try to live on, suckers.