The Unholy, Half-Yearly Vow

Since I entered university, as long as I remember almost every semester I vowed with my friends. It goes something like this:

We hereby vow that we are not going to cut classes anymore, we are going to study more, we are going to sit in front of the class and we are going to pay attention. This is a promise of women.

And the next semester, I can assure you we broke the vow like, almost immediately. The first week back to school we were still excited. New pens, pencils, and notebooks to start fresh, just like typical elementary school kids. The second week, the excitement level fell hard from as high as the highest mountain to the deepest point in the ocean. This cycle went on for four years, so basically we never improved much.

Nevertheless here we are, at the end of our undergraduate study. I can safely declare that we are graduating next month. This is it, no more half-yearly vows to break. Everything just feels so surreal because all my life, studying is the only thing I (should have) focused on, it was a natural thing for a kiddo. Now it’s like I’m officially stepping into the adult life: working, managing my own finances, being more independent, probably even fixing my own plumbing. Pretty nervewrecking if I overthink it.

Oh boy. Time passes fast huh?


Some Things You’ll Always Be Wrong About: The Cramming Estimations

Us students always have a shitload of materials for a test, and we usually cram. We just know that we have so much to understand, yet we still procrastinate, which is usually justified with something called ESTIMATION.
Common estimations are:
“Oh it’s only 3 chapters, I will finish it in 1 hour tops.”
You’re wrong buddy! You gotta check how many pages there are in each chapter. Could be 10, could be 100!
“I knew this shit from class. I’ll just skim it.”
You only heard it, not listened. Maybe when you’re cramming, your dumbass brain might only need a little flash of the words from the book to call back the memory of you hearing it, making you presume that you actually understand everything. But no, you do not understand anything.
“There isn’t really anything to memorize. I’ll just skip it.”
There’s always something to memorize.
“I’ll just skim it, I’ll get it”
Wrong wrong wrong.
Skimming will only give you this in a test: the POSITIONS of the answers in the book, not the actual answer. Skimming is intended for review, not for a first lap.
Sounds like I know my lessons right? But no, I still make those estimations from time to time and cram in the very last minute. Here’s my suggestion (other than actually studying long before a test), do a focus group. It’s the best thing so far based on my experience. You and your friends each take different topics each and learn by yourself. Then, get a table in a place when you can be loud and share the shit out of the materials. And don’t dig too deep, trust me you’re gonna have shitloads of questions but don’t ask, just take it as it is because it’s not the time to be curious. Questions are the most suitable for class, not speed studying. If you happen to have some extra time after the sharing session, then do ask.
These are illegitimate tips. Not the best but shit happens sometimes, so just give it a shot if you find yourself in such situation. I’m not saying that you’ll get an A with this strategy because most probably you won’t. I’m saying that the chances of you getting by are better. Although at the end of the day, it always depends on the effectiveness of your focus group
Oh one more thing, this only works for subjects that need much memorizing. You know what kind.
Study kids, don’t cram.

Almost There!

There? Where?
Not that close though. I’m still in my 7th semester. As a matter of fact, I just went through my 7th semester midterms and that was pretty rough. I didn’t get through with a smug face, not at all. Well it seems like I never did in all my life so no surprise there!
Okay back to topic, I’m near! Less than a year to hold a bachelor degree! It’s not that I’m excited because I’m not. It’s just that I know the feeling of relief is somewhere in the near future. Looking back, I’ve been through some hardships pursuing my education here in Fasilkom UI. I’m not saying that I’m living the hardest life, no, but it’s quite a tough jungle. Many bad marks, sleepless nights, working weekends, and frustrations, with not so many pay-offs. But all with good company, people I can always count on, friends and best friends. I learned a lot.
Not only academically, but also personally. Some self discovery: how I learned that I love comedy greatly. Some evolution: from a trend-hater-“because I found out first”-person to a reasonable pop culture lover. Some life lessons: on life itself. Very vivid in my mind now is how I learned that there’s nobody else you can blame for your life but yourself. This is your life, take it over from destiny, lead it to where you want it to be. Make things happen, don’t be satisfied with “I would have made it if I tried” because tough love, you didn’t. Stop being such a bum and do something.
Okay enough self pep-talk.
So yeah I learned a lot, but I also know that I had fun. There’s no regrets, I wouldn’t have done anything differently. Wait… probably I would. But I’m okay with myself now. Past Shoraya was a letdown, but present Shoraya is pretty cool.
Well future Shoraya?

She’s gonna be a badass.

Okay too much confidence is making me unconfident.
Maybe not a badass. But hey she’s gonna be just fine.

DSA: The First Assignment

(Originally written on September 27 2010, 11:56 pm.

Well about a week ago, I received a Data Structure and Algorithm assignment to make a program to handle the line in a hospital (you know, almost-dead kids come first bla bla bla instead of first come first served) and I started working on it one or two days ago, I don’t really remember. Today, a day before the deadline, I finished it and before that, it was a rough patch.

The day started out normal, woke up at Joy’s because I stayed there to work on the assignment (although I ended up watching more episodes of 30 rock. But hey I did find one major bug there) and I can say I had a goooood sleep, probably because I was so tired the day before. So at like 1 or 2 pm I thought I finished the assignment because I tested it and it went well. With all of my happiness I uploaded it, done uploading, then grading. I think I really finished it (and btw Queen’s We Are The Champions was playing on my iTunes. How dramatic!) but guess what, 5 FAILURES OUT OF 7 TEST CASES. I was like WHAAAAT because it went just well for me! Aren’s a total douchebag (Aren is the name of the server where I uploaded it)! I started panicking and then Joy and I decided to consult Encok and friends at their place.

When me and Joy was walking to the main street from Joy’s house, suddenly it poured. We started panicking because damn it was one heavy rain. We stopped and I opened up Joy’s umbrella when suddenly I heard a bark. Well, barks. Two dogs came out from under a parked car right beside me, barking at me and Joy wildly. Of course we started freaking out, we were shouting like crazy but no one’s around! I shooed them with the umbrella, thank God it worked, but as a result Joy and I were all wet.

Ok so long story short Joy and I were almost at Encok’s. We were walking and it was sort of flooding, the water level was like around 2 inches above the ground so my shoes and my legs were totally wet. Ew. And Joy’s flip flops malfunctioned HAHA we both must have looked so weird in the rain yelling and freaking out like crazy. The cool thing was Joy was able to fix her right flip flop, so she didn’t have to drag it all the way to Encok’s. But still, it really was embarrassing, how we were like a couple of freaks in the rain -.-

When we got at Encok’s, I was like WOW, turned out there were so many people there. Everyone was busy with themselves and those who were not were busy helping others so I had to figured it all myself anyway T____T Well with some homemade test cases (whatever -.-) I found some bugs and yay 2 FAILURES OUT OF 7 TEST CASES! Not so bad right 😀 But after that point I think I lost my luck. I tested everything but the output was always right. And my phone broke down, FML! I ended up watching more episodes of 30 rock because I couldn’t find any more bugs. I was desperate and so depressed. And anyways I cried, what the hell right, that’s so lame -.-

As time flew by, everyone there finished, no failures anymore for them. I was the last one standing (failing, actually). But then everyone started helping out. I actually had 4 people excluding me staring at my codes trying to figure out what’s wrong! They were all just so kind and sincere

Well, maybe I did have a bad day. But the feeling of accomplishment that I got tonight paid it off. It made me feel proud of myself, and pride, oh well, isn’t it just one of the best thing in the world?

Thinking about it, don’t ever think of being alone in Fasilkom. You will not make it if you’re not half cyborg, or better.

Doodles and The Second Semester

I just found some doodles from last semester. Last semester I was totally distracted so I doodled a lot in classes :p These doodles, I forget in what class I made them, were all made in one class.

Well I was so bored so I started drawing a girl with a really random pose. From her pose, I bet she’s dancing. I don’t even know xD Then Joy saw this and said it’s her -_____-” I personally think it does not look like her at all, not even the hair.

So, after seeing me drawing, Joy would like to participate so she drew this one. I’m free from all the sins for drawing this, it’s all Joy. She said it’s Encok lol. Seriously the one in the drawing is just too muscular to be Encok. And what’s with the big eyes? So not Encok -.- and wthell there’s no shirt on lol

Then I started drawing Paul. My friends and I sometimes call Paul “toothpick” because she’s so damn thin, as thin as a toothpick. So I drew a person as skinny as it could be, with a really weird pose, again XD And turned out it looks more like an alien instead xD But everyone thought it represents Ulpah aka Paul perfectly.

Then Joy saw a drawing of a pig I drew before I drew ‘her’. Then you know what, she said the pig is me! I’m the only one left with no picture of me so yeah she pointed it as me, and everyone but me agreed -.-. Seriously, a pig? Couldn’t they just be a little bit kinder to me? My friends are meanies -.-

Then I drew a bonus lol It’s a giant, male I guess, but he’s wearing a skirt and boots with heels. He’s about to crash a car he’s holding. This was so random lol. Ah old times XD Anyways do you see the arabic writing there? It’s read as “buusan”. I wanted it to be “bosan” but idk how to xD “Bosan” is bored in Indonesian so yeah I was damn bored lol

The last doodle concluded my second semester. Damn boring. So I got distracted. And that caused my really really bad marks. But let bypass be bypass, goodbye second semester!

This Semester and The Passion to Study
This reflects my current education life perfectly… 

Wow what I wrote stings me a little.
Yeah, this semester I’m in the laziest point of my education life. Well uh, probably not. I used to be lazier when I was in elementary school but I think it didn’t count since everyone could understand things effortlessly in elementary school. Now in college? Urgh, in my dreams I could, but I never even have a good dream, nightmares everyday, so there’s no possibility I can understand things while doodling in classes and watching tv serials all night.Well this semester is about to end, and most likely it’s not going to end well, but yeah I think I’ll put some efforts to this little time I got. So, I googled how to be diligent how to concentrate bla bla bla and here are what I found.

Remove Distraction (uncheck)
Ok I think this is the main thing to be done but come on, everyone knows doing this is the hardest thing to do. Think, how can we even remove distraction when we’re distracted? That’s the point, I’m distracted all the time. Main distraction, well uh I think it’s my blackberry. Probably some of you will tell me to get rid of it but I just can’t because I need it, frankly saying I can’t live without it! Well it helps me a lot in communicating but in the other side it distracts me a lot. I really don’t know what to do towards this problem.

Get everything you need for your revision (check)
Well I think I always do this while studying, besides my room is small. No need to stand and walk to grab things, all I need to do is just, reach out.

Prioritize (uncheck)
To be honest, it’s not a really hard thing to do, but when I have another option that offers me more fun, how can I deny that?

Use time efficiently, make schedule (check)
Believe it or not, I do make it. But why is it still useless anyway? See the next point.

Devote yourself (uncheck)
You get it, don’t you? What’s the point of making a schedule when I don’t stick to it. I’m just pretty good at planning, but I do suck big time in making things real.

Actually there are some more but I think only these caught my eyes earlier (Actually it’s not it. I’m just too lay to read on, I’m very distracted atm but I wanna finish this post asap). Well I think I’m not so bad, 2 checked out of

What about you?


I just had my PPSI (Principles of Information System) final. It was the blankest moment of my life. Well, I did study but only the night before. Absorbing five chapters of course was astronomical. So I was totally blanked out today.

But what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? I had much time during the final because I didn’t know what to write on my answer sheet, so my mind went everywhere. I came to a thought that it was all my fault, not being able to answer the problems. Well, it was. And I blame no one but myself. I hate myself for being lazy all the time. So I had a really illuminating moment too when I was blanked. I swore to myself I will try hard to get rid of my bad habit, being lazy. I hope I will succeed.

Actually I could have cheated there, but I just didn’t feel like it. I want it to be a fair game for everyone, who studied will succeed and who didn’t, like me, will fail. I thank God for giving me such moment that woke me up from my lazy little world. Now it’s all up to God and the lecturer, what meant to be will be. If I fail, I’m so ready to take the class again. If I succeed, well I don’t put much expectation on this, but if I succeed, I will be thankful of course.

Thank God for giving me such moment, it’s an honor having you enlightening my life each time,

The Last MPKT Class

Today I had my last MPKT class. For like around four months, honestly MPKT bored me enough, I never really liked this class with all the homeworks and everything but seriously I swear I have the greatest MPKT lecturer ever!

Well her name is Dr. Siti Farida, yes she’s a doctor, originally a lecturer of FK. ow could I tell that she’s great?

a. she always ensures us students that we are not wrong and never wrong but we’re just not perfect yet

b. she never got mad

c. her voice is always soft and loving

d. she’s full of surprises (the foods she brought after Lebaran, can’t ask for more)

e. she’s not stingy in giving marks

f. she’s democratic (YAY)

g. she’s laid back

Today we had the last MPKT class, she brought her camera and we asked the janitor to take a picture of the whole class 🙂 and after that she went downstairs to get to her car to get some donuts for us xD KIND! FAR TOO KIND!

Aaaah see ya later Mrs Farida!!! We’ll be missing you for sure!

Entering College — Final Part

(originally written on December 8th)
Why is this a final part?
Yes, I am not entering college anymore, I’m officially a part of the family.

This past months I had to wear a nametag or a nametag plus slayer to campus. Now that PMB is over, I don’t have to wear it (or them) anymore. But honestly, I kinda missed that. I know, it has been only days since PMB was over but I don’t knooow, I even brought my nametag with me this morning. Well seriously I’m gonna miss those days, when the whole Jagung (not the whole actually) could gather in one place, discussing about a thing or two for the sake of our very own jagung, or being on the 6th floor, getting through you-know-what together. Now PMB is over already and probably people will be busy with their own personal thing, homeworks, tests, anything. Ah, I’m gonna miss those times 🙂

And anyway I’m just going to say thank you to everyone involved in any activity of PMB. And just so you know, I’ve allocated the memory in my memory for you all 🙂

Yours truly,

P.S / This writing is written from my very own point of view but I’m sure somewhere in jagung’s heart there are some similar thoughts kept. And I’m using that nickname some jagung gave me, only once in a lifetime, just to appreciate your effort in giving me a nickname, although I hate it honestly 😛

MK 2009

(originally written on December 6th)
PMB is over already and as a really great closing event, we had MK. It was on December 5th until 6th. Well, I can surely say that I had a really great time because I know I did. 🙂 Actually, I can’t recall all the events clearly right now because I’m super duper tired and sleepy, but of course I have some in my mind and I want to share it here before I fall asleep, wishing you will be able to imagine how it was like if you were there :p

So we went to Cibubur on December 5th by truck. It was fun, we sang a lot of song on our way there. We sang almost EVERY song we got from padus rehearsals with pak Dibyo. Then we arrived at the camping spot and got everything ready for anything 🙂 Ok, fast forward to groups’ performances! Every single performance was so hilarious and entertaining because the names of the groups were just as hilarious! The performances were just something unexplainable by words, they were something you should have seen for yourself, so do regret if you didn’t come! Seeing everybody being embarassed (or embarassing themselves) was really priceless :p My group, named “kutunggu jandamu” (I know, what a lame name -.-), performed a short play about a… widow -.- a parody entitled “ketika janda bertasbih”. Well my role was as the young version of the widow, thankfully it was not so embarassing 🙂

Fast forward to… what else? (blogging while listening to music is so not good, it makes me forget what I wanted to write and lets me sing instead) Well the next activity might be going to some stops, each stops represented APKBR (The orientation purpose, stands for Aktif, Peduli, Kritis, Beriman, Ramah) plus commitment. It was raining, not really hard, but with some thunders 😦 Jeez I was pretty scared. Because it was raining I had to wear a coat lended by Ester, turned out it made me looked like a. A policeman b. “tukang ojek” c. A plumber. Every choice was bad -_-

Ah, I forget what I wanted to write, let’s just skip to the memorable part at nighttime. But I don’t feel like spilling this one, because my words will not be able to picture the scene since it was pretty complicated and it was something you should feel, not read (again, do regret for you all who didn’t come! Hahahahaha). The point is just it was the time when I cried, pretty hard hahahaahaha. Don’t worry I cried at the happy part instead of the sad one 🙂 Ah, the nature of 15 years old girl. The next morning, we were gathered, again, but again I do not feel like spilling this one either. Let me just keep it to myself (actually I wrote the a whole paragraph about these two things but I deleted it because I don’t feel like publishing those parts).

The next important thing was PERFORMANCES! Jagung decided to perform a play, a parody of our whole journey of entering college 🙂 pretty good, made me laugh pretty hard. Ultra, Kangkung, and Super performed well also, all I did was laughing and laughing nonstop xD Happy times it was, I was under no pressure at all, no thoughts about homeworks and everything :).

MK 2009 was awesome, totally unforgettable 🙂